Dracula- Chapter 27 Summary

So in chapter 27, the very last chapter of the book Mina and the prof are still on their journey to the Count’s castle. On this journey it is once again noted by one of the characters that the Slovakian;s are extremely superstitious. At this point the Count is still on the boat in the river, while Arthur, Johnathan, Quincy and Dr. Seward are trying to catch up to it. During the journey Mina and the prof take, Mina losses her appetite and stops making entries in her diary. Van Helsing noticing this, starts to make diary entries of his own to keep account of events. When Mina and Van Helsing reach the Count’s castle, they are seen by the three female vampire, but since earlier the prof drew a special circle around them, they cannot enter and Mina cannot leave (since she is also almost a vampire). Sometime later Van Helsing goes into the Counts castle and kills all three of the vampire women, and they all crumple to dust. He also at this point places a wafer in the Count’s coffin.

So after that deed is done, both the professor and Mina walk east (they walk because the vampire women killed the horse) and stop about a mile from the castle. Eventually they see some men approaching the castle with the Count’s coffin with Quincy and Dr. Seward close behind, followed by Johnathan and Arthur. The professor gets ready for action and so does Mina by readying her pistol. The cart stops, the men on the cart draw their weapons, there’s a small showdown, Quincy gets stabbed, the Count’s coffin is opened, Johnathan decapitates Count, while Quincy stabs him in the heart. The Count’s body crumbles and Quincy says some nice things then dies. Mina seems cured of her vampirism. 7 years later Johnathan and Mina have a child named Quincy. They go visit the Count’s castle and the book ends.

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