Dracula’s Powers

In the tale of Dracula, the Count the main vampire of the story has many different powers, which are almost all symbolic of something. Below is a list of things he can command, according to Dr. Van Helsing and their symbolic value.

Storm- Chaos/unknown

One of Dracula’s powers is the power to control small storms, such as the one around the ship. Storms represent chaos and the unknown because of their unpredictability at times.

Fog- Obscures/distorts

The second power mentioned is his power to control the fog. Although it might be thought that fog would be encompassed with storms, it is not. In the story it is mentioned separately in the story because of it’s symbolic value. The fog is a representation of obscurity and distortion in the figurative sense, as well as the physical.

Thunder- Power, Energy

Thunder, in the story represents power and energy. Much like Thor and his hammer Mjölnir, the Norse god of thunder, Dracula can control thunder. It demonstrates that he is physically and mentally powerful, even though he may be old.


One of the Count’s powers that are mentioned that I could not find a symbol for is his ability to control rats. He uses this power a few times in the story, such as in the chapel in his London house. If I had to take a guess though, I would imagine that it represents the uncleanliness of the Count. For rats can stereotypically be found in sewers, which are dirty.

Bats- Death, Rebirth

Bats are a big symbol associated with vampires, it’s one of the first things that come to mind. They represent death are rebirth. In the story Dracula can with certain restrictions transform into a bat. This could represent him being able to figuratively and literally die and resurrect himself in another physical form, but his soul will never leave his body.

Foxes- Evilness, corruption, cheating, sly and cunning

The foxes are not used in by Dracula in the story, but it is a nice symbol to develop his character. All the traits represented by foxes, evilness, corruption, cheating, slyness and a cunning mind are all things the Dracula posses. For example his cunning mind can be seen in the thoroughness with which he plans his invasion of London.


Not a clue what moths are supposed to represent.

Owl- Death and Wisdom

The owl, a symbol of wisdom and strangely death.

Wolf- Militarism

Wolves are a prominent thing in the beginning of the novel, Dracula uses then at one point on an unfortunate woman. Wolves are usually used on shields and flags of military groups. A lone wolf represents courage and self reliance. This is more what is to be seen in the symbol of wolves in Dracula. They demonstrate his strength and self reliance.

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