Inquiry, Things and Stuff

We did the happiness stuff this morning, it was fun, I actually didn’t struggle with an idea for once. After that I did some Rosetta Stone french, and I realized that it understands you better when you speak slowly. After lunch I did my inquiry and had some issues. Me and Liam calculated that with 20 solar panels, that we could produce more than enough energy for the house. It something seemed wrong, a calculation. I think that it had something to do with the fact that the solar panels produced 225 watts. It didn’t say if it ways watt hours or watt months or what. It really made me confused, because with those solar panels I wouldn’t need the expensive wind turbine. Because I would be able to produce 8212 kilowatts per year. But it just doesn’t sound right. I’ll ask my dad tonight though how much energy that would be. I asked Mr. Sarte just now and it seems totally reasonable, which is really surprising.

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